Available Positions

Research Associates / Graduate Students / Undergraduate Students

We often have openings in our research group, so candidates interested in joining our group are encouraged to send inquiries including your curriculum vitae (for postdoctoral fellows and graduate students) to Dr. Elena Dormidontova.

A Research Associate is expected to have considerable experience in large-scale computer simulations (preferably Molecular Dynamics) as demonstrated by one or more published papers. It is essential that the candidate be able to develop new code(s) to test different models for the behavior of complex soft matter systems. Experience in setting or maintaining computer clusters is a plus. Interpersonal skills and willingness to work in a team that may include experimentalists are of considerable importance as well.

We have immediate opening for a graduate student or students  to work on computer modeling of hydration in polymer nanostructures and polymer bottle brushes please contact to express interest and for details.

Prospective graduate students are expected to be interested in and/or have experience in programming or numerical calculations and enjoy looking for solutions of problems, be a hard-working, responsible, quick learner who is not afraid of going into a new area of research or learning new computer languages, techniques, etc. Good interpersonal skills are important.

Undergraduate students are not required to have experience in computer modeling or knowledge in the research field, but dedication of time and efforts to the research project is required as well as your interest in learning new things.